January 30, 2001
[weblogs] Not So Soft is one today. Congratulations Meg… Two entries which sum up Not So Soft: a quiet London mid-summer morning blog and the classic Txt Msg Theatre‘Tube wankstrel unclefuckers. Security alert=no trains. Crunchy arse wank dung bastard. Oh. Feh.’
January 14, 2001
[weblog avatars] Put some music on and click on this link… StorTrooperdance… any kind of music seems to work! [Find what I was listening to using Napster]
December 6, 2000
[annoying introspection] Wherever You Are asks Have You Ever?. Vaughan has turned weblogging into a destressing late night party session of Truth or Dare with a bunch of complete strangers…
November 23, 2000
[history?] UK Blogs discuss the ten year aniversary of Thatcher’s resignation… NotSoSoft, Blue Ruin and Wherever You Are. ‘I was really too young to have experienced exactly what the Thatcher years were like for myself, though, so to me she seems like some mythical beast. With her teeth drawn, I hope.’ — Blue Ruin. [Some other links: yet another great Steve Bell cartoon on Thatcher and Blair — The End of the Affair, and a once famous Thatcher impressionist — Steve Nallon’s website.]
November 19, 2000
[first post] New first post… starts up earlier this year… and the design actually lasts three whole months… Amazing. ‘7.2.00 I don’t think I’ve ever really counted myself as a fan; I just like what I like. Although, now I come to think about it, I did go through a phase of thinking that I could marry a certain pop star. Hey, I was eleven. (If you want to know who it was, tell me why you need to know and I’ll see…)’

To add some meat to the bones of my lazy meta-blogging I chatted with Meg on Friday about her first post, and redesigns‘That’s not actually the first weblog post ever, though – there’s a text file somewhere for half of january – but february was the first attempt at designing it. And although my blogging style has changed enormously since I began, that first post eerily echoes forward to a lot of what I do nowadays – I make a statement, provide a link, relate it to me and then ask for feedback. The difference now is that people actually write to me when I prompt them to – and I love it. :o)’

November 8, 2000
[uk weblogs] It’s moving day on… the recently updated UK weblogs list is moving to over to it’s new home on GBLogs [there’s a link to a floating pop up version on this page]. Big thanks to Jen.
November 4, 2000
[uk weblogs] Last night expressed as links: Interconnected, Netdyslexia, Threadnaught, Notsosoft, Playing With Cobras, LukeLog, Plasticbag, Popt Art [or is that Poptart? Should have asked!], EC, and Vavatch.
October 27, 2000
[uk weblogs] Excellent, new, [at least to me] UK weblog: Cabin Pressure. ‘you should be thinking about how lucky you are. you work in a warm womblike office for a boss that does not get too heavy with you and you have a work load that is easily manageable. you get a computer on your desk that is yours alone and you get access to the internet. you get to download what you want when you want, you get to mess about with new packages for days on end without producing results, you get to wear what you want. your father and your father’s father would have killed for your job. you should be thinking about how lucky you are but you’re probably not.’
October 18, 2000
[uk weblogs] Oh God…. pictures from last night’s UK Blogmeet… Too early in morning… mouth dry… need breakfast… 13% of sewage is blood… WTF?
October 17, 2000
[text messaging] Text Message Theatre? Weblogtastic… Tom’s Inbox / Outbox I, Tom’s Inbox II, Meg’s Inbox / Outbox. ‘Yes. Be good. Or bad. Or something.’
September 28, 2000
[the originals] In the beginning… there were only three Brit weblogs that I was aware of… Bifurcated Rivets, Barbelith and Daily Doozer… Doozer vanished earlier this year and there was much wailing, gnashing of teeth and pointless hitting of the RELOAD button… until today… Doozer is back… with a new design and name: extenuating circumstances. ‘There’s a few other reasons as well: how could I honestly stand back while the rest of the UK blogger community got their fame on Radio 4 and the Evening Standard? Or when my brother got interviewed by .net magazine? Exactly. Piece of the pie for me now, please. Oooh, and this whole weblogging lark is wonderful.’ Excellent news. Somebody give that man his pie right now….
September 26, 2000
[british weblogs] Just noticed this BritBlogs webring‘BritBlogs was created on 16 September 2000 because I didn’t find any webrings which were for British blogs, there were webrings for Austrailian blogs, and Candian Blogs, not for British blogs… So here it is…!’
September 10, 2000
[weblogs] NoLondon has combined EuroBlogs and webloging in the UK! into one page. Excellent!
September 6, 2000
[ukweblogs] New UK weblogs continue to be added to webloging in the UK!. Some recent additions… Bifurcated Rivets, The Great Sweet Mystery of Life, I Hate Music, chris raettig’s online journal, and digitaltwiddlers.
September 4, 2000
[weblogs] Webloging in the UK! A hourly updated list of recently changed UK based websites from yours truly. [Note: If you want to be added to the list — email me]
September 1, 2000
[ukblogs] Blog On For an Ego Trip — The Evening Standard covers weblogs in the UK. [via]
August 8, 2000
[uk weblogs] Okay. I’m not working today. It’s raining. I’ve got nothing to do till five o’clock… let’s surf some GBBlogs: notsosoft redesigns. Bloglet finds that has unexpected content. KitchBitch wonders if engagements are the new relationships and LukeLog premiers the Crack Whore Fistmonkeys Of Doom?.
June 16, 2000
[weblogging in the UK!] Daily Doozer has more details on the PCFormat article.
[weblogging in the UK] UK blogging gets attention from PCFormat computer magazine…
June 8, 2000
[webbogging in the UK!] writetheweb points out that UK bloggers are getting organised
May 22, 2000
[weblogging in the UK!] A list of UK Based Weblogs from Threadnaught.
May 8, 2000
[uk weblogs] UK weblogs I’m currently eyeballing: Blue Lines, not so Soft, SK, Vavatch Orbital and Nutlog along with the old stalwards: Barbelith and The Daily Doozer.
April 19, 2000
[weblogs] Well it had to happen: newsUnlimited has a weblog.
March 14, 2000
Hey! Barbelith is being updated again… Probably the best UK blog around…. Check out The Bomb while you’re there….