8 September 2000
[comics] Steve Bell on William Hague and The Millennium Dome‘…a pointless tent in the middle of nowhere…’
7 June 2000
[comics] Great Steve Bell Cartoon on Elitism and William Hague in the Guardian today. “I, Commonsense Man shall wreak vengence on the Liberal elite”
4 June 2000
[comics] newsUnlimited profiles Steve Bell. “Steve has the idea, writes the words, does the drawing. He can do leader- page cartoons which – in their infinite detail – look as though they must be condensed versions of a much bigger cartoon. (Not so: what you see is virtually the size you get.) He can do illustrations that can dominate a whole page. And then there are the strips. Then there is If?”
19 April 2000
[comics] Steve Bell’s favourite comics.
12 April 2000
[nazi] Steve Bell’s brilliant cartoon on Irving.
24 March 2000
Great day for Cartoons in the Guardian — Steve Bell does a stormer on the Blair Baby/paternity leave story. Doonesbury has Uncle Duke doing a campaign ad for the iMac
22 March 2000
Budget 2000 as seen by Steve Bell.
16 March 2000
Another great cartoon from Steve Bell on the fate of the Rover Group.
15 March 2000
[lastminute] Steve Bell on