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October 31, 2005
[comics] Dourdevil: Grit! -- Alan Moore and Mike Collins spoof Frank Miller's Daredevil Run [from scans_daily] ...

image of dourdevil and erektra

October 29, 2005
[web] The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator ... 'Like most guys his age, he wasn't above whipping the donuts.' [via The Daily Chump]

[soundboard] David Brent Soundboard: ''s not an insult though is it?' [via]

October 23, 2005
[money] How ATM fraud nearly brought down British banking -- remarkable inside story. '...there wasn't time for the banks to fix the problem if anyone went public with it. Their MTBU was too short. MTBU? That's "Maximum Time to Belly Up", as coined by the majestic Donn Parker of Stanford Research Institute. He found that businesses that relied on computers for the control of their cash flow fell into catastrophic collapse if those computers were unavailable or unusable for a period of time. How long? By the late 1980s it had fallen from a month to a few days. That's not a good thing; it meant that a collapse of the computers that any UK clearing bank relied on would destroy it in less than a week.'

October 22, 2005
[macs] Mainly Neat Stuff -- web site covering vintage Apple Computers and curios like a second-hand Mac IIfx belonging to Douglas Adams ... 'I started up MacWrite Pro and noticed that it was registered to "Douglas Adams, Serious Productions Ltd". '

October 21, 2005
[ebay] Crazy eBay Mom (scroll down) - eBay Addiction taken to the outer limits.

October 20, 2005
[wisdom] Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies in Flash ... 'Move towards the unimportant.'

October 19, 2005
[politics] Suits Them, Sir -- Simon Hoggart on the Tory Leadership Election ... 'It was one o'clock and the voting was due to begin. Four Tories were hovering outside, like boarders waiting for the dining room to open. "There should be a numeracy test," said Ann Widdecombe crisply. "If you can read an opinion poll, why are you voting for anyone except Ken Clarke?" "Ann and I have a lot in common," said John Bercow, once a rightwinger, now a social moderate. "We support Ken Clarke, we like spaghetti bolognese, and we are choppers, not twirlers!" I thought this must be some terrifying euphemism, but it turned out to mean the way they ate their spaghetti.'

[comics] Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work ... 'Or some interesting ways to get some variety into those boring panels where some dumb writer has a bunch of lame characters sitting around and talking for page after page!'

October 18, 2005
[comics] Dave's Long Box on Daredevil: Born Again: 'That, my friends, is 100% pure comic book gold. You are dead inside if you don't feel at least a little stirring of sentiment looking at that triumphant image, remembering when you first read that. It speaks to the part of us that still believes in heroes, that has faith in the power of the human spirit. And in the next issue? Daredevil kicks the living shit out of Nuke. He mops the floor with the guy!'

October 17, 2005
[music] I'm A Genius, Too! The Murry Wilson Tapes -- listen to the jealous, drunken father of three of the Beach Boys wreck a recording session from 1965 ... 'Brian, I'm a Genius, Too.' [via Waxy's Links]

October 16, 2005
[comics] Infinite Crisis Begins Today (Spoilers) -- Metafilter discuss DC's new multiverse reorganising mini-series... 'Please wake me from my comic free slumber when Infinite Spider Jerusalem Crisis is greenlighted. You know, the one where Spider Jerusalem appears in every DC comic and shoots every DC superhero with his anal prolapse gun.'

October 15, 2005
[comics] Scans Daily [RSS] -- Livejournal Page posting a random assortment of old and new scans from Comic Books.

October 13, 2005
[bdj] Weidenfeld & Nicolson Acquire New Book by Belle de Jour ... 'Provisionally entitled THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF BELLE DE JOUR, the deal was closed after a great deal of arm-twisting and financial persuasion...' [thanks Phil]

October 11, 2005
[newspapers] BBC News: How can papers afford to give away DVDs? ... 'The great DVD giveaway is just the latest instalment in Fleet Street's endless turf war. "It's digital bingo," says Greenslade, referring to the period, 20 years ago, when tabloid editors employed prize-winning bingo games to woo new readers.'

[im] -- firewall-bursting instant messenging from a website for AIM, MSN, Yahoo and GTalk. [via Waxy's Links]

October 10, 2005
[comics] Official Preview of All-Star Superman #1 ...

Morrison: 'I just read - yesterday in fact - the story 'Superman's New Power' which appeared in Superman #125 from November 1958. And guess what Superman's new power was in the 'conservative' '50s. That's right - it's a teeny-tiny little Superman who shoots out from the palm of the big Superman's hand and does everything better than Superman himself, leaving the full-size Superman feeling redundant and worthless. Holy analysis, Batman! It's mindbending, brilliant and eerie work. This is what it would be like if Charlie Kaufmann wrote and directed the Superman movie and it's far from goofy or childish, it's genuinely affecting and slightly disturbing to read Superman saying stuff like 'Everyone's impressed except ME! Don't they understand how I feel -- playing second fiddle to a miniature duplicate of myself...a sort of SUPER-IMP?' And people think I'M weird? I %$%$^ wish I was weird like this! I wish pop comics today had the balls to be as poetic and poignant and truly 'all-ages' again, and a little less self-conscious. I feel a little ashamed for not even daring to think of a magnificent tiny Superman who makes the real Superman feel inadequate every time he springs from his hand.'

October 09, 2005
[comics] Doctor Doom's Top 10 Euphemisms for Sex -- from Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin ... '10. "Unleashing the Doombots"'

October 08, 2005
[games] Edward Castronova on 'The Average Gamer': 'The average age is 30. For the most part it's a lower-middle-class phenomenon. If you're too poor you can't afford the online access. And these games require absolute top end. But people who are very successful in the real world don't have the leisure. You need a mix of a lot of time, fairly advanced literacy, enough money to get the equipment and then you have to be, sort of, not very invested in the real world. It's pathetic in a way. So I think the typical player might be, for example, a parts manager at an office-supply store.' [thanks Phil]

October 07, 2005
[comics] Challenging Graphic Novels for an 11 year-old? -- Ask Mefi discuss Graphic Novels for Children.

[ebay] How to be an online auction professional -- eBay guide from The Times. Worth Noting: '...Sunday evenings between 6pm and 10pm are our busiest times, so timing your auctions to end then should give you more bang for your buck.'

October 06, 2005
[history] Heroic Relics -- The Guardian on Nelson: 'What kind of strange nation would revere, two centuries after his death, a 5ft 4in, one-eyed, one-armed reprobate who shamelessly abandoned his family and lived in a bizarre ménage? Good question. England, naturally.'

[comics] Battle Action -- fan site for the classic war comic from the 70's/80's ... 'Gott in Himmel! Die you Britisher Pigs!!!'

[apple] Video iPod UK Launch at the BBC? -- according to Radio 6: 'Apple is set to unveil a new video iPod at the BBC Television Centre in London on October the 12th...'

October 05, 2005
[bdj] The shape I'm in: Belle de Jour -- Health and Fitness Q&A with Belle de Jour ... 'Q: Which alternative remedies do you swear by? A: I don't go in for the ooey-wooey...'

October 04, 2005
[politics] Steve Bell: 'Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner B.A.T.Bloke!'

[comics] General Zod - 2008 Presidential Candidate ... 'In 2008 I shall restore your dignity and make you servants worthy of my rule. This new government shall become a tool of my oppression. Instead of hidden agendas and waffling policies, I offer you direct candor and brutal certainty. I only ask for your tribute, your lives, and your vote.' [via Linkbunnies]

October 03, 2005
[comics] Page 227 from A History of Violence -- a scan from John Wagner's and Vince Locke's comic from 1997. '... there does seem to be an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, in regards to the source material.'

[blogs] Eggbaconchipsandbeans Book Deal ... great news from one of my favourite blogs ... 'This strange little site has morphed into a strange little book. Due out the middle of October and already being discounted by Amazon. Which may not bode well.' [via Pete's Linklog | EBCB on Amazon UK]

October 02, 2005
[film] His 'Secret' Movie Trailer Is No Secret Anymore -- NYT on the remixed Shining trailer ... 'The challenge? Take any movie and cut a new trailer for it -- but in an entirely different genre. Only the sound and dialogue could be modified, not the visuals, he said. Mr. Ryang chose "The Shining," Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. In his hands, it became a saccharine comedy -- about a writer struggling to find his muse and a boy lonely for a father. Gilding the lily, he even set it against "Solsbury Hill," the way-too-overused Peter Gabriel song heard in comedies billed as life-changing experiences'