[comics] Annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Chapter Three, a.k.a. Century: 2009 … Work-in-progress annotations from Jess Nevins‘Page 13. Panel 1. “QueeQueg’s” is a reference to the harpooner Queequeg, from Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick (1851). Pádraig Ó Méalóid and Greg Daly note that “Starbuck” is also from Moby-Dick, so that in the world of League there is no Starbuck’s, there is Queequeg’s.’

Century 2009 Annotations from Jess Nevins

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Re: The discussion concerning the p. 35 appearance of Gene Hunt, Alex Drake, and Chris Skelton. I think that it is Skelton as well and I would mention that in the ASHES TO ASHES TV show, Skelton “frosted” his hair (as was common in the 80s) which gave it a bit of a blond look. I think that explains why his hair is not dark in that panel.

Re: Page 24, panel 2. The character whose face is peaking through the door behind Orlando and Coote appears to be an aged “Number 6” from THE PRISONER. That he would be trapped in an asylum makes some sense.

Re: Page 74 and the idea that this might be a reference to the ending of the movie version of the LoEG. I think that highly dubious since that would mean that Moore had actually seen the movie and he has made it quite clear he has no interest and never will have any interest in ever seeing any film adaptation of his work. And considering that he was sued over that movie…even moreso.

Re pg 18, panel 1: as well as the obvious Connery and Lazenby Bonds on the right I think the chap in the centre is meant to be another (of the remaining Bonds he looks more like Brosnon). The guy on the left is a little bit of a mystery. He looks like David Tennant but, judging by the fact that he isn’t in the right costume, appears to be greying and is in the Secret Services HQ it’s safe to say he isn’t the 10th Doctor. I haven’t seen St. Trinian’s 2 but the character Tennant plays in that has the salt’n’pepper look going on. He’s also apparently the head of a secret society, so there’s that…

Re: Back Cover. 15Peter20 is definitely a reference to Charlie Brooker/Chris Morris sitcom “Nathan Barley”. 15Peter20 is a photographer renowned for capturing images of famous people doing a wee, he certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on the Antichrist making thunderbolt wee-wee out of his giant penis.

Page 45 panel 2: A. Button is Angelica Button, the Harry Potter parody from The Simpsons.

pag 54, panel 5 & pag 56 panel2:reminds me Pink Floyd`s the wall XD!

pag 58, panel 5: Jack Bauer and Hiro Nakamura wtf?

pag 76: LOL Mufasa!

About the flash sequence on the destruction of Hogwarts, I think you are seeing the flashes in reverse chronological order, the inverse of Mina and Lando’s path. So the Antichrist began his tear with Voldemort, then going Apesh*t on Filch, after he admits that EVERYONE is in on it. Then the real spree begins, and with McGonnigal. I think that’s Hermione is behind her; I’d like to think she’d be the first to figure out that something was wrong. In the crescendo, Draco, Ron and Ginny get done in, with Ginny calling for her protector in the books.

And yes, that’s definitely Jack Bauer and Hiro wearing their “I’m out of time?” faces!

Re pg 18, panel 1: This panel has been sent to try us. The George Lazenby Bond is the clue as it is the one that is, without a doubt, Lazenby. This a collection of the ‘secret bonds’, the almost unknown ones, the ones we forget, so not the film ones (with the exception of Lazenby.) The balding Bond could actually be the actor Michael Jayston who played Bond in a 1990 BBC Radio 4 production of ‘You Only Live Twice’. The Bond doing up his tie looks like he could be Barry Nelson who was in the original 1954 CBS TV version of Casino Royale. The hair certainly looks like his and the big clue here is him doing up his tie: the “half nelson” tie knot. As for the chap on the far left I don’t know yet, but I shall keep digging!

Re pg 18, panel 1: The Bond on the far left is another BBC Radio Bond. It is Toby Stephens who played Bond in the 2010 BBC Radio version of Goldfinger.

Inside Front Cover. The “EyeFad” reference to iPad, also reminds me the Philip Reeve`s Mortal Engines Quartet, in the future Traction Era the “eye-pod” is a reference to the ipod.

P. 6 — In the Tuesday Next novels of Jasper Fforde (THE EYRE AFFAIR is the first and best one) the adventurous literary heroine Tuesday Next combats the evil Jack Schitt.

Page 58 panel 3 far left looks a lot like Vicky Pollard from the comedy series “Little Britain,” although this image portrays a woman with a mole on her left cheek which I don’t see on Ms. Pollard.

sorry- my comment is actually in reference to what I am now counting as page 56, Not 58, but I’m not sure of the page count anymore. In any case, it is the same page as Jack Bauer and Hiro Nakamura.

Re pg 18, panel 1: The chap on the far left may be a young Bob Holness who was one of the first to play Bond (on the radio) see:

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