[funny] Go Watch: Australian Senator Discusses An Oil Spill‘Some of them are built so the front doesn’t fall off at all…’ [via Back in a Bit]

Australian Senator Discusses An Oil Spill

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I think you’ve pasted in the wrong URL: your first link points to a YouTube video of a guy bouncing a ping pong ball.

Having watched the interview here, I’m gobsmacked. “A wave hit it!” “Is that unusual?” “Chance in a million…”

Are we quite sure that interview wasn’t by the Australian equivalent of Bird & Fortune?

I’ve fixed the link. Thanks John. :)

Um..that’s not an actual australian senator, it’s a famous australian(*) comedian pretending to be a senator :)

Stereotypes to the contrary, our polititians tend to be media savvy and dull, just like everyone else’s :P

(*)Well, strictly speaking new zealander but he’s ours now

Yes, he is/was a Kiwi… Damn you Australia, stealing all of our talent! Actually, you can keep Russell Crowe… ;)

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