[science] Perpetual truths — Bad Science on Perpetual Motion … ‘I should therefore like to posit the first law of bullshit dynamics, which I suspect this invention may well obey, as follows: “there is no imaginable proposition so absurd that you cannot find at least one person, somewhere in the world, with a PhD or professional post, who is happy to endorse it.”’

Bad Science on Perpetual Motion

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I propose Mechanical “PERPETUUM MOBILE” – BURANLO, not contradicting is invented
To fundamental laws of physics, and the opening new physical law-
« Transformation static loading (springs, magnetic fields and others
Springing materials) in dynamics{changes} of rotary movement on the basis of planetary
Systems of tooth gearings. For the first time an energy source are not spontaneous
Forces of the nature, and force of statically loaded spring acting on dividers of forces
Infinitely in time. The engineering specifications under a heading « MECHANICAL
Self-propelled – BURANLO (БУРАНЛО) » is to the address of:

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