[film] Ask Metafilter: Borat Ruined my Life‘Last year, a guy came to my town claiming to be filming a documentary for Kazakhstan. He recruited my friend John to be in it. John signed the papers and everything- that’s not the issue. However, the producers got John really drunk and he said some things he really regrets that made it to the final cut. John’s terrified that everyone’s going to see the movie and think he’s an awful human being (which he’s not). He’s very distraught…’

Borat Ruined My Life

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That’s really not fair. I never did like Borat. I never thought he would actually get people drunk like that just to get some good material.
I hope he dies. That movie sucked.

Borat (British actor Sacha Baron Cohen) really quite does suck some ass doing such easy impersonations and insulting a whole culture. I am a white american female who thinks so. Not very interesting or funny.

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