[religion] I have an Image of Jesus on my Penis — amusing posting on Craig’s List … ‘My girlfriend is a devout Christian, who, when she first saw this apparition, dropped to her knees, exclaiming, “Jesus Christ”, which I at first arrogantly misinterpreted as an exaggerated compliment on my manhood. Needless to say, I was more than a little disappointed to learn the true reason for her impulsive ejaculation. She has now taken to worshiping daily at this makeshift “shrine”, which is OK, I suppose, but she no longer wants to have sex with me for fear of offending the real Jesus. She even brought her entire womens’ church group over…’

‘I have an Image of Jesus on my Penis’

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jesus wishes he had my penis.

hehe, it’s like in gregg araki’s doom generation :D

“I’ve never seen a tattoo there before… Xavier smiles mischievously. xavier Touch it. Amy looks into Xavier’s hypnotic eyes then returns her attention to his throbbing boner. She hesitates… xavier (a beyond sexy coercion) Go ahead… Indulge. She bites her lower lip. Then reaches down, tentatively, frightened at first, but definitely fascinated and turned-on. She slowly begins working her hand up and down, transfixed by her own actions. Xavier closes his eyes, savoring the full effect of her tiny, warm hand on his joystick. Reopening his eyes, he’s enthralled by the expression of childlike wonder on Amy’s face. amy (curious whisper) What is it? xavier hmh? amy What’s it a picture of? xavier (gazing down lovingly at his own OS dick) Can’t you tell? (evil smile) It’s Jesus. amy Nuh uh. (giggling as she takes a closer look) Why the hell d’you have Jesus tattooed on the head of your cock? xavier (super-seductively nibbling her lower lip) So people, when I’m boning ’em, can go ‘I’ve got Jesus inside me’…”

[] • 01/25/05 10:03pm

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