[comics] 2000AD and British Comics — nicely done website from the BBC Cult. Includes a reprint of Alan Moore’s DR & Quinch Have Fun on Earth (with art from Alan Davis) … ‘My name’s Ernie Quinch, college student. I like guns and starting fights. My psychiatrist says I’m a Pyschotic Deviant. But that doesn’t mean I’m a Bad Person, right?’

BBC Cult Site on British Comics

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Nicely done?

You can’t be serious?

It’s a mess. It’s one big shameful advert for 2000AD, and the BBC should rightly be ashamed of it.

It’s garish, riddled with interviews promoting has-been writers, out of date and a downright mess in places:

I mean – look at this:

Audio comics?

Animated gifs.

Oh please.

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