[comics] B.D. loses his leg in Doonesbury

» Doonesbury the soap opera (scroll down for article): ‘A four-box daily comic strip it may be, but Doonesbury is also a soap, probably the only one in the world to blend current affairs with a regular cast of characters, ageing, marrying, splitting up, starting dotcoms, doing performance art, having kids, running for office, fighting in America’s wars, going to prison and occasionally dying. For afficionados of Doonesbury, the sight of that bandaged stump on a stretcher and that never-before-seen hair was powerful and affecting.’

B.D. loses his leg in Doonesbury

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Even more shocking, BD lost his helmet! Yikes!

If it’s possible to make it more “powerful and affecting”, then this LiveJournal entry manages it: Gary Trudeau meets Darby Conley and Eric Bogle

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