[books] Amazon World — amusing user reviews from Moby Dick: ‘I am quite the fan of stories which involve man eating sea creatures, such as Jaws. Moby Dick is nothing compared to such classics, I fear. In fact, it is boring with a capital B. What is the whales motivation? You dont know. There is no suspense, and I find the idea of people hunting whales offensive. Offensive with a capital O. Whales are lovely, peaceful creatures and that is why their slaughter has been outlawed. This book makes whales seem like demonic, murderous creatures of doom. Such a thing should not be read to a child, for it preaches that animal cruelty is ok. Never before have seen such an abundance of immoralality! I am offended! I feel as if my brainards are going to freeze over and crumble like spoiled peanut brittle. Take my word for it, dont read this book’ [via Kottke’s Remaindered Links]

Amusing User Reviews from Amazon

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I read the reviews. I went to Amazon to check that they weren’t made up. I buried my head in my hands and cried. I’ve just gotten over my Everybody Must Die phase and now you do this to me. 4 stars.

I’m sulking with Amazon. They have censored my review of Belle de Jour’s book. Spoilsports.

a while back Amazon had to take down a page with the toy Harry Potter broomstick. this site saved all the reviews before Amazon killed the page.

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