[web] Anna Friel Dating — odd dating site – aimed at search spiders perhaps? … ‘Welcome to the Anna Friel dating and romance page. We provide personals and match making for dating Anna Friel interested persons. This is a great place to find love and romance for singles and those marridge minded. Don’t forget to check out the weekly dating tips and advice. This site will help you to date with people who are interested in Anna Friel romance. We have a huge selection of Anna Friel people wanting to meet you!!… If you want to jump straight into the deep end Click to find your Anna Friel partner.’

What is Anna Friel Dating?

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Go back a couple of levels and you get this:

I wonder what the odds are for all these people having the same pages… ;-)

I just love ‘marridge’, presumably to rhyme with fridge, like: what’s in the fridge, bidge?

um…. and what search criteria did you put into Google to find that one, hmmm?

Oh come on Graybo… who amongst us hasn’t casually typed “anna friel interested Filipino marridge” into google occasionally?

…Urm… yeah …anyway, moving on… NEXT LINK!

um. pediatrics dating. this is disturbing stuff :-) “French Pediatrics dating includes both English and French interfaces…”

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