[quote] Memorable Book Openings (#6): The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker …

‘At almost one o’clock I entered the lobby of the building where I worked and turned toward the escalators, carrying a black Penguin paperback and a small white CVS bag, its receipt stapled over the top. The escalators rose toward the mezzanine, where my office was. They were the free-standing kind: a pair of integral signs swooping upward between the two floors they served without struts or piers to bear any intermediate weight. On sunny days like this one, a temporary, steeper escalator of daylight, formed by intersections of the lobby’s towering volumes of marble and glass, met the real escalators just above their middle point, spreading into a needly area of shine where it fell against their brushed-steel side-panels, and adding long glossy highlights to each of the black rubber handrails which wavered slightly as the handrails slid on their tracks, like the radians of black luster that ride the undulating outer edge of an LP.’

Memorable Book Openings (#6): The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker

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One of my favourite books :) But took me about 2 years to actually finish. Footnotearama…

You say memorable, but it took me three attempts just to get to the end of that paragraph without skipping.

It’s kinda of anti-memorable, I agree — but it stuck in my head for some reason… I like it as a counterquote to #5.

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