[connections] Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the Butt — a mysterious person called M. Khan turns up in the revision history of a UK Government word document about Iraq …

Rev. #9: “MKhan” edited file “C:\TEMP\Iraq – security.doc”
Rev. #10: “MKhan” edited file “C:\WINNT\Profiles\mkhan\Desktop\Iraq.doc”

Unofficial Mary Whitehouse Experience: ”M. KAHN IS BENT’ was, until recently, painted in very large white letters on a railway bridge that crosses the North Circular road in London between Crouch End and East Finchley (Just by the gasworks). It had been there for over ten years, unmissable by every single car travelling in a westward directionon the North Circular, which, bearing in mind that approximately 300,000 cars containing an average of 2.7 people pass under that bridge every day, would indicate that, over the course of time, the fact of M. Kahn’s bent-ness may have been impressed on 2,956,500,000 people, or round about five times the population of Europe.’

M. Khan is Bent (along with Tony Blair and Saddam Hussein)

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Ooh, I loved TMWHE! That’s a blast from the past. Do you think they’ll ever bring it out on DVD?

It’s probably really dated now but yeah I’d like to see it out on DVD too.

Ahh, milky milky. Jane from iCandy and I went to see Rob (as he was then) Newman and David Baddiel live soon after tMWE finished its TV run, and Rob Newman stole my lighter. True story. We were 14. Happy days…..

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