[books] Have You Seen This Man? — a look at the reclusive life of Thomas Pynchon‘In 1997, a CNN crew spent days staking out Pynchon in New York, eventually capturing him on film. After the novelist’s heated objections, they finally broadcast three minutes of footage of street scenes without identifying the one-second clip that featured Pynchon himself. Some fans believe they have identified the man nevertheless, and the Dubinis’ film ends with a digitally enhanced loop of the man in army-surplus jacket and red baseball cap that one contributor believes to be Pynchon. The “fan” who has enhanced the clip affects sadness that Pynchon has finally been “caught”, even as he gazes at the TV monitor with something like possessive lust.’

Update on Thomas Pynchon

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A man in an army surplus jacket and a baseball cap. J. Horatio Christus, you’d think this swabby was Albrecht Durer!

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