[world] Our Quality of Life Peaked in 1974. It’s All Downhill Now — George Monbiot on the illusion of never-ending growth and progress … ‘Our economic system depends upon never-ending growth, yet we live in a world with finite resources. Our expectation of progress is, as a result, a delusion. This is the great heresy of our times, the fundamental truth which cannot be spoken. It is dismissed as furiously by those who possess power today – governments, business, the media – as the discovery that the earth orbits the sun was denounced by the late medieval church. Speak this truth in public and you are dismissed as a crank, a prig, a lunatic.’

The Myth of Never-Ending Growth

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Dark Age II is right around the corner isn’t it? Overconsumption, overpopulation, global warming, ecological collapse, nukes? Doesn’t look too good for the home team.

Or as Dr. Peters said in 12 Monkeys, isn’t that homo sapiens motto “Let’s Go Shopping!”, the cry of the true lunatic?


Wouldn’t you HATE to be trapped at a party in the kitchen by George Monbiot. Jeez.

Yo! Chicken-Little!!! Yes it’s *A* world with Finite resources, but here’s the thing: A) resources are the things we find useful to extratc and use to survive and thrive. It used to be dung and sticks, then it was bronze, iron etc etc. Geddit? We move on! The things we need change! We change them! It’s only been oil for a few hundred years… don’t worry! We’ll probably discover the key to powering the dimaond age is to unlock the hidden energy within maudlin pseudo-social-science doomsaying books autorecommended by amazon to handwringing ex-living marxist subscribers; and everything will be just dandy.

Also, newsflash, McFly… erm…. Monbiot… Look up instead of down at your vegan hushpuppies for once. There are more worlds, and more places for us, the human virus to consume!

Science, dude! Relax! Oh… and can you pass me that excellent hoummus???

Yeah, we’ll move on all right…we won’t need any more of that nasty Iraqi oil…or water…or non-salinated agricultural land…cuz maybe soylent green is the answer after all…and yeah, we’ll all go live on Mars…cool blackbeltjones, way to Fisk.

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