[comics] More Comic Book Confidential from Mark Millar‘That mysterious barrier between reader and creator has finally broken down and I can now name at least a dozen of my friends (most of whom are married) who’re having some kind of relationship with at least one of their readers. I think it’s a combination of the easy-access everyone has to their creator of choice at the moment, but it’s also due in no small part to this big influx of good-looking chicks we see on the boards, at the signings and at the conventions. Unlike the Vulcan-dressed, beer-paunched Sci-Fi chick, I think the comic girl tends to have a deadly combination of looks, intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge of their favorite creator’s work. Like I said, around half the pros I know (and I know a lot of people) are currently besotted with someone half their age on the other side of the country at the moment. Where will it all end?’

Comic Book Confidential

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