[books] Man and Wife by Tony Parsons — The Digested Read … ‘I. Don’t. Know. Why I. Write in. These ridiculous. Sentences. And repeat. Re. Peat. Mys. Elf. Now. To women. Know I hate. The poncey. Middle-classes. That. Watch the. Late. Review. I. Really. Love Pat. He’s my son. Pat I. Love. He’s the. Best. Thing. I’ve ever. Done. Best. The. It breaks. My heart. That he. Lives. With. Gina.’

Man and Wife Digested

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I LIKE it . . . ! If only because it makes my sentence construction look normal. Normal. Yes. Whatever.

This little boy mother-me-I’m-a-bastard-but-you-know-I’m-making-a-good-job-of-trying-to look-like-I-wish-I wasn’t persona really won’t wash for much longer, will it? This guys about to be found out.

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