Hate #14 -- Buddy Bradley Shaving [click to buy at Amazon][comment] For the Hell of It — Julie Burchill on the Daily Mail.

The Mail compared to comics: ‘The secret with the Daily Mail, as with the Sun, is to read it not as a newspaper but as a comic in which someone has forgotten to do the drawings. But whereas the Sun would be Viz, the Daily Mail is a dark, nihilistic number, like Hate or Hell-Blazer.’

More: ‘What is the Daily Hell scared of? How long have you got? On one day last week, you could have chosen from the abortion pill, gay rights police, dogs, white people having black babies, taxes, single mothers, career women, exams, teachers, doctors, taxi drivers, unions, drugs, compensation, Big Brother, HRT, sugar, vitamin pills, foreign beer and girls who go on holiday to Greece and drink too much (though in Daily Hellville half a shandy is probably “too much” for a woman).’

Julie Burchill compares the Daily Mail to Hate and John Constatine: Hellblazer

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Julie has never read Hate. Dark and nihilistic… Buddy Bradley??

Yep. She’s an ardent Super-Man and Bat-Man fan, and I bet she’s read Watch-Men too….

uh, lesse, pete bagge does sleeve illustrations for subpop, whose output was mostly nihilistic grunge bands in the early 90s. pete bagge also writes a comic called “hate”. therefore it’s dark and nihilistic. QED!

you really didn’t expect proper research and consistency from an opinion-columnist, did you darren?

Good point. The upside of this is that it compelled me to reread a few issues of Hate. It’s as good as I remembered. I’ve also scanned in a couple of covers which I’ll be posting as desktop wallpapers next week.

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