[bb3] In It to Win It — Brian Sewell discusses Tim‘Tim, 100 per cent, is a humourless wimp with no sense of fun, no ability to let slip the middle class inhibitions that so undermine his frail sense of security. Not for Tim a knockabout race with supermarket trolleys (his hair might be disarrayed), not for Tim a venture into uncomely drunkenness, not for Tim a romp of any kind, for this is a boy still dominated by the suburban manners of his mother, a boy who in his own esteem has stumbled onto the stage of a farcical pantomine.’

Brian Sewell on Tim from Big Brother

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truly, when brian sewell has started discussing big brother, we know that the world has finally gone doo-lally.

apparently, osama bin laden wants jade to win. dubya is more convinced by johnny.

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