[film] The trouble with Harry — brief update on Harry Knowles… the “ultimate movie geek”. ‘…I don’t believe that their [Movie fan websites] opinions affect or alter the tastes of the moviegoing public. Far from it; most web geeks are so leadenly conservative that their opinions actually reflect and reinforce the lamest conventional tastes. “Fan”, after all, derives from “fanatic”, and fanaticism is rarely progressive, original or mould-breaking.’

Update on Harry Knowles

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Except that “fan” doesn’t derive from “fanatic”, it derives from “fancier”, an old term for hobbyists and collectors that lingers on in “pigeon-fancier” and “what’s your fancy?”.

I agree with the points about internet fans not having much influence on the world at large (just like webloggers), but geez, can we not drag Harry’s girth into it.

Seems rather shallow. God forbid anyone has a waistline over 30”!

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