[comics] Q & A with Grant Morrison from the Spinner Rack … ‘Q: What would you like to see happen in comics in the next 12 months? A: I’d like to see Alan Moore get his kit off for the front cover of the ‘Ain Soph’ issue of Promethea. Him and J.H. Williams could symbolise the journey of consciousness into the realm of naked apprehension and do a knowing homage to John and Yoko’s Two Virgins album cover at the same time. It would look really good. And who here hasn’t lain awake wondering what the award-winning creator of Watchmen’s tadger looks like?’

Q&A with Grant Morrison

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From Roger’s Profanisarus:

tadger n. Penis. Also todger.

Are you referring to Grant Morrison?

Do I think Morrison is a penis? No. It refers to part of the quote I posted from the Q&A.

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