[comics] Reining in a Dark Horse — long, interesting interview with Diana Schutz … On Dave Sim: ‘What do I believe? I believe that Dave is an extraordinary human being, extremely talented and that means that he deviates from the norm. Is he fucking nuts? Any more than any other artist? I don’t know. I think he’s very, very serious about his interests and his beliefs. When he focuses on something, it tends to consume him. […] Even back in the day when I was talking to Dave on a regular basis, his thoughts moved in very different ways from most people. Not necessarily wrong, just differently. Which is often a sign of genius. I’m not a psychologist. I have no idea. I think he’s a remarkable person, extremely different from the norm, which makes him both unusual and interesting. Is he fucking nuts? Got me.’ [via Cerebus Mailing List]

Interview with Diana Schutz

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