October 27, 2015
[headlines] Evening Standard Billboard Flashback: October 2005 …

Evening Standard Headlines - October 2005

September 24, 2015
[headlines] Evening Standard Billboard Flashback: September 2005 …

Evening Standard Headlines - September 2005

July 7, 2015

Evening Standard Billboard Flashback: The Olympic 2012 Bid Win and 7/7 as Breaking News

Over ten years ago, in 2004, I started taking photographs of Evening Standard headline billboards as I left work or at lunchtime. If the headlines were interesting I would post them to Flickr. I carried on taking the pictures regularly till late in 2010.

Early in July 2005 two big breaking news events happened to London on consecutive days. Firstly, on July 6th the UK won its bid to host the 2012 Olympics in London. You can see the news story develop during that day in the sequence of photos below…

Evening Standard Olympic Decision

The next day, on July 7th a gang of terrorists detonated three suicide bombs on London Underground trains and later a further bomb on a bus. 52 people were killed and 700 were injured. It was the UK’s first suicide bombing.

I didn’t manage to get into Central London that day because the travel system shut down but the next day I snapped a photo of an empty billboard – no papers or posters had been delivered in Shepherd’s Bush where I worked. Underneath the posters the boards themselves said: “London’s Paper”. It seemed appropriate somehow.

Unsurprisingly, during the next few weeks the Evening Standard’s billboards focussed on the bombings, the victims, the terrorists themselves and the causes of terrorism.

Evening Standard - 7/7 Bombing Headlines

By August, things had calmed down in London and the headlines had to returned to normal. Although, the Evening Standard logo had gained a “London Stands United” tag line. (We need reminding?)

Evening Standard Headlines August 2005

What I didn’t realise at the time was that I was recording the last years of the posters. In 2010, the Evening Standard went free and the development of smart-phones and social media killed the posters as a breaking news source. The boards these days (if you see them at all) seem to lack a certain something. You can find the whole set of billboard photos here on Flickr if you’re interested in more.
April 8, 2013
[news] Evening Standard – Margaret Thatcher Dies

Evening Standard Headline Board: Margaret Thatcher Dies

August 1, 2011

Absolute CHAOS Tonight: Official

February 9, 2010
[es] Another Necktie Strangling … from Fuck Yeah Hitchcock! [via Unreliably Witnessed]
January 4, 2010
[london] Darling At War With “Bully” Brown … apparently this was the last Evening Standard Headline Board produced on December 12 – Can anybody confirm that?
January 3, 2010
[london] 2009 in Evening Standard headlines … on the Evening Standard’s 2009 Headline Boards … ‘At first the guys giving it away carried on with the billboards, but I knew that this practice would soon fade away. If no money is being made in the street from these newspapers, why go to all the bother of advertising them in the street. So it is that if you click on the last picture of all, you see that where there used to be informatively alarming stories about doom and disaster, now there are only forlorn signs saying that the ES now costs nothing.’ [thanks Phil]
December 30, 2009
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2009 … another years worth of the best of the headline boards from the Evening Standard – and probably the last due to it going free …

images of the evening standards headline boards in 2009
Click on the images for the full set

September 25, 2009
[es] Evening Standard — Pics or it didn’t happen…

Evening Standard - Pics or it didn't happen...

June 26, 2009
[tweet] London Blamed For Jackson Death … #michaeljackson
May 12, 2009
[press] Diamond Geezer on the New Evening Standard ‘…to underline the paper’s new upbeat stance, a full page feature on inspirational pupils in the “poor borough” of Dagenham. I skimmed over it to be honest, because good news rarely sells, but it was encouraging to observe the paper looking optimistically eastward for once.Not so hot on pages 6 and 7, however. A full page advert for Fendi handbags opposite articles on Mayfair dining, Harvey Nicks and tax-whingeing financiers. Don’t care, not listening.’
May 11, 2009
[press] The Evening Standard Says Sorry‘This poster campaign seeks to signal the changes on the way by apologising for various perceived sins, including complacency, predictability and the afore-mentioned negativity. None of the posters mention the newspaper by name, but simply carry its Eros logo.’

Evening Standard: Sorry for being negative

December 24, 2008
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2008 … another years worth of the best of the headline boards from the Evening Standard – my favourite was: Police Arrest Batman

images of the evening standards headline boards
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October 31, 2008
[billoboards] Evening Standard: Bad News(more…)
December 20, 2007
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2007 — another years worth of headline boards from the Evening Standard – just try not to think about the stories behind them too much…

images of the evening standards headline boards
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August 21, 2007
[funny] The London Evening Standard Headline Generator — surreal randomly generated headlines taken from the London Evening Standard’s Headline Boards – Thanks Holly! …

Billie Piper's Fog 'Will Haunt Brown'

March 22, 2007
[news] Evening Standard: War Has Started(more…)
July 14, 2006
[headlines] Murdered – For Falling In Love … (more: Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2006)

evening standard headline poster board

April 18, 2006
[puppies] “Inside Horror Puppy Farm – Pictures” — a return to form for the headline poster writer at the Evening Standard … (more: Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2005 and 2006)
March 19, 2006
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2006 — Recent Posters …

Sex Scandal Minister Dead / Free Goody Bag Here

December 12, 2005
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2005 — I’ve been taking pictures of the Evening Standard’s Headline Posters and posting them on Flickr for about a year now…

images of the evening standards headline boards
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May 11, 2005
[ipods] Evening Standard: iPod Health Alert
April 4, 2005
[london] Evening Standard Headlines — a flickr set showing how the Evening Standard’s Headline writers attempt to stamp out positive thought within the London area …

Transplant Patients get Rabies
‘Transplant Patients get Rabies’