October 28, 2010
[comics] Garry Trudeau: ‘Doonesbury quickly became a cause of trouble’‘As [Trudeau] wrote on the 25th anniversary of Doonesbury: Satire is unfair. It’s rude and uncivil. It lacks balance and proportion, and it obeys none of the normal rules of engagement. Satire picks a one-sided fight, and the more its intended target reacts, the more its practitioner gains the advantage. And as if that weren’t enough, this savage, unregulated sport is protected by the United States constitution. Cool, huh?’
October 21, 2010
[comics] Comics Time: Batman and Robin #14 … a review of Grant Morrison’s latest Batman comic. On Frazer Irving’s art: ‘To rely this much on subtle shifts of figurework and coloring to convey both vital plot information and to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the physical combat that is superhero comics’ bread and butter, to have the chops to pull it off and the confidence to even try…well, it’s pretty much unheard of outside of some really titanic stuff, Dave Gibbons on Watchmen/Frank Quitely on All Star Superman-type stuff. And while Irving shares with Quitely a genuine, contemporary sense of style and art that allows for neon-bright colors to really pop, his work (perhaps because he does all the color and texture himself) feels fuller.’
October 20, 2010
[life] Grant Morrison Is On Twitter

3.4 billion years of evolution to create this perfectly self-aware phone/flesh fusion. Are you there, Mother?Thu Oct 14 03:58:46 via web

October 19, 2010
[comics] Super-Hero Hoarders: The 7 Biggest Pack-Rats In Comics‘Some hoarders are marked not just by the objects they have stuffed away into their own personal Fortress of Hoarditudes, but also by the extreme lengths they’ll go to to acquire them, and nobody — nobody — goes quite as far as Superman himself. Dumpster diving is one thing, but actual diving to the bottom of the ocean so that you can retrieve the wreckage of the Titanic and rebuild it in your living room? Sure there’s nothing else you could be doing with your time there, Clark?’
October 10, 2010
[comics] Great Picture of Harvey Pekar reading American Splendor #5

Harvey Pekar Reading American Splendor #5

October 9, 2010
[comics] Were The Wartime Beano And Dandy Editors On A Nazi Death List?‘Seventy years ago this year, the Nazi’s were working on the details of Operation Sealion, their planned invasion of mainland Britain. These plans included a list of people who were to be rounded up by, or handed over to, the Nazi security forces once they were in control of the United Kingdom. It has been said that the editors of the Beano and Dandy were included on this list due to the humorous, and therefore disrespectful, attitude that the two comics had towards Adolph Hitler…’
October 6, 2010
[comics] What ‘Batman’ Taught Me About Being a Good Dad‘I am trying to build a good human being here, someone who will make the world better for his presence. Because I don’t know any other way to do it, that means I’m building a little geek. So he can’t know, yet, that death doesn’t really mean anything in comics. I want him to think that these stories have weight, that they mean something; they are our myths. I give my son comics and cartoons and episodes of Thunderbirds because I want him to understand right and wrong, and why it’s important to fight the dark side of the Force. The mantras spoken in this corner of pop culture are immature, but they have power: With great power comes great responsibility. Truth, justice, and the American Way. The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. No evil shall escape my sight.’
September 30, 2010
[2000ad] Mind The Oranges, Marlon!!

Mind The Oranges, Marlon!!

September 29, 2010
[comics] Go Look: Clark Kent’s honeymoon began on a down note.
September 22, 2010
[comics] Paying For It — Long-Rumored Chester Brown Graphic Memoir Officially Announced By D+Q For Spring 2011‘Following months of flashes and brief mentions that Chester Brown was working on a comics memoir about his experiences as a customer for prostitution, Drawn & Quarterly announced today that the book in question will come out in Spring 2011 and will be called Paying For It. Its publisher promising a mix of the personal and the polemical combining the issues explored in 1992’s The Playboy with the political awareness suffusing 2003’s Louis Riel…’
September 15, 2010
[comics] Go Look: John Romita Jr. does Judge Dredd.
September 14, 2010
[comics] Superheroes Are Misunderstood‘Yes, Iron Man (in his film version, at least) and Batman articulate a glorious spectacle of dripping wealth and grey-area morality, but the narratives of their respective worlds already include layers of self-deception, personal uncertainty and the difficulty of every quest for higher ideals.’
September 11, 2010
[comics] Tom Spurgeon On Alan Moore’s Interview About Watchmen And DC‘If Alan Moore thinks every single writer in comics today sucks balls, if he thinks the worst of the best, if his reputation is slightly diminished today in part because of an unsuccessful movie adaptation with which he wanted nothing to do, and even if he lends himself to wisecracks about his hair and his religious practices and his apparent drug use, none of that changes for one second his lamentable experiences with one of its major publishers. Alan Moore has earned his frustration, his suspicions and his occasional flashes of anger. He should be listened to and learned from, not dismissed and certainly never mocked.’
September 4, 2010
[comics] Go Look: Jack Kirby predicted Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally 40 years ago‘It’s the others, Godfrey! Those who don’t think right!’
September 2, 2010
[comics] Mark Millar’s CLiNT Is About What You’d Expect … Chris Sims reviews the first issue of CLiNT magazine ‘If nothing else, I figured it’d be interesting to see how it was all put together, but after reading the everything in the first issue, from Millar’s typically half-serious, over-the-top hucksterism in the intro (“Grandpa had ‘The Eagle,’ Dad had ‘2000AD’ and now you’ve got ‘CLiNT,’ you lucky people”) to the last page’s anonymously-written “secret diary of a celebrity pot-head,” I could really only come away with one thought: It certainly is a magazine put out by Mark Millar.’
August 31, 2010
[comics] A life in drawing … an interview with Posy Simmonds (the film adaptation of Tamara Drewe is out this week) …

Posy – initially Rosemary – Simmonds was born in Cookham, Berkshire in August 1945, the middle of five children brought up on a prosperous dairy farm. She was precociously good at drawing and at an early age learned “that if I drew a fairy very well people would say it was good. But if I then made her smoke a cigarette people would laugh”. Early inspiration came from bound editions of Punch, running back to the late 19th-century, that she could reach off the lower shelves of a bookcase. “The smell of those old magazines which had drawings of Hitler is still for me the smell of war. And it was always completely normal that drawings could have words attached.”

August 28, 2010
[comics] Alan Moore Gets Psychogeographical With Unearthing … Wired Interviews Alan Moore … ‘If you are brought up in a neighborhood that resembles a rat trap, pretty soon you are going to come to the conclusion that you are probably a rat. If on the other hand you have got to the tool of psychogeography — or poetry, to give it a less trendy and more accessible name — then you can look at the ordinary world around you with the eye of a poet. Finding events which rhyme with other events, what little coincidences or connections can be drawn to these places and people. You can put them into an arrangement that says something new about them.’
August 25, 2010
[comics] I’m the Goddamn Batman … [original] …

I'm The Goddamn Batman!

[tv] These are Their Stories … nicely done cartoons based on one line summaries of Law and Order episodes from a TV Guide … Lawyer is Secretly a Stripper / Goren Takes on a Chess Master / A Pedophile Uses the Internet.
August 24, 2010
[comics] Go Look: nana nana nana nana BATJESUS!
August 23, 2010
[comics] The Top 10 Most Awesome Moments of Luke Cage: Power Man‘That is the greatest panel in the history of Luke Cage. It might be the greatest panel in the history of Dr. Doom, and I’d go so far as to say that there’s a good chance it’s the best panel in Marvel Comics history.’ [the panel]
August 18, 2010
[comics] Go Look: Joe Sacco’s Portrait Of The Cartoonist As A Dog Owner

Joe Sacco On His Dog...

August 11, 2010
[comics] Barely Seeing Daylight … a stop motion video of comic artist D’Israeli drawing comics for one day compressed into forty-three seconds. (more…)
August 10, 2010
[comics] Name Five Extended Moments In Comics History You Wish Had Been Documented On Film As They Were Happening … some intriguing choices from readers of The Comics Reporter‘Dave Sim’s life from issues 1 to 300 of Cerebus’
August 6, 2010
[comics] The Complete D.R. & Quinch … a review of one of Alan Moore’s early works from 2000AD … ‘It’d be hard today to convey the level and nature of the excitement readers felt in 1984 when a fresh new talent — an author — blew into the company town, overhauling a run-of-the-mill commercial comic, revitalizing it completely and, in the process, making it utterly his own. Who was this guy? Where had he learned to write like that?’
August 4, 2010
[comics] What is Doctor Strange’s birthdate? .. The internet’s resident Doctor Strange expert Neilalien on the rumour that Alan Moore and Doctor Strange share a birthday on 17th November … ‘From Doctor Strange #176’s cover, we get November. The tombstone is oh-so-conveniently cracked where the year should be.’
July 30, 2010
[comics] My Favourite Medical Graphic Novels … a list of comics exploring health and medical themes … On Epileptic by David B: ‘In Epileptic there are no happy endings, no miracle cures, but we are left with a deeper understanding of how illness can affect a family. Not recommended for newly diagnosed epileptics. An upsetting masterpiece.’
July 27, 2010
[comics] Lady Gaga Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon‘While the kidnapping occurred at stately Wayne Manor, home of playboy jet-setter Bruce Wayne, the eccentric billionaire was not available for comment.’
July 23, 2010
[comics] For Sale on eBay: Cerebus: High Society #1-25 Reprints by Dave Sim.
July 21, 2010
[comics] Jonathan Ross Meets Jim Steranko, His Comic-Book Hero‘Spend an hour with Jim Steranko and, if he’s in the mood, he’ll regale you with the most extraordinary tales. Are they true, I have asked myself more than once, or is he a fantasist? Has his love of storytelling and the creation of modern myths bled into his own life story until he can no longer tell the two apart? Well, now that I’ve met him, I believe them all to be true, just as I believe it when he tells me he still runs miles every day, pumps iron, and fornicates blissfully like a man a third his age. He is unique. He is Steranko. He is the greatest.’
[comics] The Unwanted … a new comic from Joe Sacco on African migrants in Malta.
July 20, 2010
[comics] The Moon Hoax … a great comic strip from Darryl Cunningham debunking some of the moon landing conspiracy theories

Panels from The Moon Hoax By Darryl Cunningham

[comics] When It Comes To Comics, You Just Can’t Beat A Drunken, Violent Aardvark … Sam Leith on comics … ‘The genre end of comics has actually diversified a lot: from hardboiled noir in Sin City or 100 Bullets, to punk psychedelia in The Invisibles, to jaunty post-apocalyptic soap opera in Preacher. It’s at the literary end of comics you sense a narrowing of the range, the main strand being a sort of studied Pekarian drabness. You could call it mundane realism. Direct or oblique autobiography is the mode, neurosis and alienation the dominant tone. Their archetypal hero is a morose and ill-socialised writer or collector of comics, often subject to sexual humiliation, sometimes sharing a name with the author. These are frequently comics, in one way or another, about comics.’
July 18, 2010
[comics] An interview with Harvey Pekar from 1984 conducted by Gary Groth [Part One | Part Two] … ‘Some comic book fans don’t know what to make of American Splendor. They think a normal comic book should be about superbeings who can fly, that a comic dealing with everyday people doing everyday things is weird. Ordinary is weird to them. Wow, that’s really ironic.’
July 15, 2010
[comics] Go Look: He Will Find You – He’s Batman!
July 14, 2010
[comics] Bob Wachsman – Tummler … Alan Moore draws a one-page story for a Harvey Pekar comic.
[comics] Gary Groth interviews Harvey Pekar in 1993‘It’s a real uphill struggle, and it may go on for a really long time. I don’t know. I’ve been at this for 20 years now, and it’s certainly enriched my life, from a personal standpoint. It’s made it far more interesting and enjoyable, so I have no regrets. But I certainly would like to see comics in general be taken more seriously, because it would benefit me, you know?’
[comics] Harvey Pekar’s testament to life — with no apologies … Dean Haspiel on Harvey Pekar … ‘Yes, Harvey Pekar was a certified curmudgeon who became a cultural icon, but he was a true-blue mensch, too.’
July 13, 2010
[comics] The Determination to Be an Artist … R. Fiore Sums Up Harvey Pekar … ‘He struggled with indifference until indifference began to give way, as if to say, okay, I’ll pay attention to you if you’ll just leave me alone. By the end they were making movies about him. In the end his integrity became so manifest that his comic became a badge of prestige to publishers seeking credibility.’
[moore] Hipster Priest … yet another great interview with Alan Moore

In the past I’ve tried to say, ‘Look, we are all crappy superheroes,’ because personal computers and mobile phone devices are things that only Bat Man and Mr Fantastic would have owned back in the sixties. We’ve all got this immense power and we’re still sat at home watching pornography and buying scratch cards. We’re rubbish, even though we are as gods.

July 12, 2010
[comics] Go Look: Chester Brown’s Movie Poster For Year Of The Canivore … also: here’s the movie trailer on YouTube to provide some background on the movie … (more…)
[comics] J. Jonah Jameson is on Twitter


July 11, 2010
[comics] Vinnie Colletta’s Exit ‘Conversation’ … a fascinating (and raw) interview with Vinnie Colletta apparently days after Jim Shooter was fired from Marvel in 1987. ‘…and I read the beeper and it said, “I’ve been fired”. Jesus Christ! He usually calls me on the beeper because he gets me anywhere I am. He calls me on the beeper and says, “I’ve been fired,” I nearly had a heart attack and I called him straight back. The only thing I can do to stand by him is give him sound advice because sometimes when you’re in the middle you don’t see the truth, you know?’
July 8, 2010
[comics] 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Read ‘Shadowland’ … Chris Sims tells you everything you need to know about Marvel’s newest cross-over … ‘Daredevil’s been having a pretty rough time since about 1981.’
July 6, 2010
[comics] Marvel Editors…you are the droppings of the creative world … the text of a letter that Vinnie Colletta wrote to Marvel’s editorial staff after editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter was fired in 1987 … ‘Displaying more class and poise in defeat than all of you did in victory… Jesus had one Judas… Jim had many, those that speared him and worse, those that watched…’
July 2, 2010
[comics] Go Look: Philip Bond’s Wonder Woman Costume Redesign.
June 30, 2010
[moore] The Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast … a BBC science podcast with Alan Moore, Jonathan Ross, Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Brian Greene discussing science fiction (available till next Monday).
[comics] Homeopathy … another comic on health and science issues from Daryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham On Homeopathy

June 28, 2010
[comics] Metafilter Discuss The Best Batman Comics … a mixed bag of fun links to various Batman panels and comics … ‘PLEASE! Can anyone find for me the Superfriends clip where Batman is guarding Fort Knox and he gets tricked into drinking drugged chicken soup by a mad scientist posing as a street vendor and Batman actually asks if the soup is fresh before buying it? Please? Anyone? I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!’ [link]
[comics] Dan Clowes new comic Wilson reviewed‘Bereaved and bereft, a middle-aged divorcee sits at the edge of a children’s playpark and indulges in regrets over the family he might have had. But within moments he interrupts his reverie to call out: “Hey! Can you get that brat to shut up for two fucking seconds!?” Welcome to the world of Wilson, self-declared “people person”, misanthrope, gasbag, egomaniac and dog lover. Daniel Clowes has created a monster, but a monster who refreshes our empathy for humans in all their unloveliness.’

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